Solo bag

SOLO Electronic Target  

The electronic target. SOLO is the fourth generation of Electronic Target System designed and manufactured by Silver Mountain Targets, the world leader in open sensor target systems.


What is it

Solo is an electronic target that reports shot position and value to shooter who can be 1000 yards away.

At US$850 it is priced low enough for personal use but is also capable enough to be used to run small and mid-sized matches, and to be used in large multi-target systems.

Solo sensors attach to your targetry and acoustically detect an incoming supersonic bullet. A wireless link connects to display devices on the firing line.

Solo is self-sufficient and able to operate in austere range environments with no power or shelter, and weighs less than 5 pounds / 2,2 kg.

Solo is easy to setup and eliminates multiple trips to the target for refacing, pasting holes, or checking group sizes.

Simply attach sensor mounting plates to the four corners of your target frame, and calibrate for the center in one shot.


The target maintains a wireless link to the firing point, where you can connect using any Wifi-enabled device with a web browser.

Shot storage:

Shoot and record your strings for later viewing. Keep a permanent record of your performance.

Load development:

The time, velocity, impact, and scope settings for each shot is recorded, ideal for ladder, OCW, and ballistics testing.